VieL it ?!

Through clothing we learn what we like, who we think we are and what style box we put ourselves in.

VieL is about creating awareness that we are MORE, more than labels and one specific style, more than the limits we set for ourselves. VieL is about rediscovering the many parts of our being, the many shades of our personalities.

Through (second hand) clothing we choose to play, break our style rules and move away from wanting to be "beautiful" towards "limitless".

#VieLove #VieLseitig #VieLfältig

VieL Style

Think VieL

The fact that fast fashion harms our environment, our (mental) health and the aspect of fast fashion triggering consumerism is the basic motor of us promoting second hand.

Wear VieL

We offer handpicked second hand clothes that carry wonderful stories within them. Their energy inspires us and we put time, money and effort into repairing and refreshing our clothes.

Be VieL

VieL is the German word for "much", "many", "a lot". May you be that. May you be a lot. May you feel all those feelings from overwhelmed to balanced and quiet. May you become aware of the multitudes that you contain. May you feel the power behind the many shades of your being.

Why VieL ?

Because you love unique pieces of clothing and you enjoy reinventing yourself.

#reduce #reuse #repair #reinvent